The Evolution of Montana’s Sudbury


My current employment as Marketing Manager with Montana’s Sudbury, has been a culinary epiphany sauced up with cookhouse memories.  I spoke to one of the original three associates, Brian, who has been a front-of-house catalyst since August, 2003.  During the course of the box store boom, this restaurant transitioned owners, menu items, uniforms and promotions yet has always been rooted in family tradition.  The unique table top drawing option has sparked some crayon creativity for many guests. Once complete we photograph the artwork and now to be incorporated into a digital Montana’s mural/montage.  The current owner, John Law, has really taken the moose by the antlers and rectified technological challenges by removing the outdated tube televisions and installing flat screen televisions, implementing back-of-house monitors for associates in the kitchen to watch for guests at the door and overhauled the patio to a comfortable private space year-round.  As Brian states, “previously the enclosed patio windows were just screens and wouldn’t close, another section of the windows had drop-down plastic covers.  Problems would arise when the weather included strong downpours or wind.  John’s renovations made the patio a climate controlled area, now guests can thoroughly enjoy that area year-round.”  Renovations are on-going.  Next up, we tackle the Montana’s washrooms with new tiles, sinks, stalls and warmth.  The establishment being thirteen and a half years old does pose its fair share of elevation challenges.

Brian and I proceeded to discuss the evolution of guests and customer satisfaction.  His favourite dishes off the current menu include the Canadian Burger Eh!, Chipotle Firecracker Burger and the Baked Chicken Penne.  The guest favourite is the Grilled Cheese Burger.  A burger served between two grilled-cheese sandwiches with bacon, crispy Cajun onions and sriracha ketchup.    I asked him for any table side bloopers, and with a modest chuckle he stated, “pushing tables together for larger groups you have to be cognizant of the crease (where the tables meet) under our table top drawing paper.  Lesson learned after a few spills that I now always feel for the crease before placing any drinks and show the guests where the tables meet.”  It is this team’s continuous communication, coherence and ‘steps of service’ that increases our guest satisfaction.

Thank you to our past, present and future guests for evolving along with us!  We look forward to many more hill top and table top culinary adventures.


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