Table side chat about Lisa’s Legendary Kelsey’s Caesar


I sat down with our front-of-house manager Drew and long-time associate Lisa (17 years) to discuss culinary customs at Kelsey’s.  Our discussion about guest favourites, guest feedback and team moments seemed to be centered around Lisa’s legendary Caesar.  As Drew chuckles, “it is definitely a gateway drink”.  The perfect greeting to any gathering often accompanied by a Spinach Dip, Popcorn Shrimp or Bruschetta.

Lisa’s Signature Caesar, 17 years of perfection;
Highball glass
Matt & Steve’s Caesar Rimmer
1 oz. Vodka (if you are craving more than a mocktail)
5 streams worcestershire (not dashes, this is key***)
1 perfect stream of tabasco
Mott’s Clamato
Salt & Pepper
All green garnish including lime, celery & Matt & Steve’s Extreme Bean

Lisa adds, “guests cannot get enough of the Matt & Steve’s Extreme Bean.  Savoury pickled green beans with a touch of heat.”  Garnish greatness!

More Caesar variations are also available on the menu such as the Kelsey’s size Caesar (2 oz.) or the Two-Handed Caesar (2oz.) with a smidge more Clamato Juice.  We are currently running a $5 Caesar Sunday promotion as well.

Stop in and sip on our starter Caesar, you won’t be disappointed!  We can adjust the heat levels as needed if you have an iron palate.  Cheers!


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