Overtime Sports Bar and Grill runs like a well-olive oiled machine. Here’s why!


Back-of-House (kitchen) Sides

You may or may not already know our Back-of-House associates Gail, Aaron & Will. They not only toil through a continuous stainless steel machine day-to-day, but they also have interesting sides to compliment any culinary notion.

Gail was recently awarded a Civic Award from the City of Greater Sudbury for her long-standing community volunteerism.  She has been selling 50/50 tickets at the Sudbury Arena for the past 42 years.  Gail originally from Pennsylvania moved to Sudbury 51 years ago where she worked at Lola’s in Copper Cliff 25 years, Cassio’s 4 years, Lichee Garden Tavern 2 years, Montana’s 10.5 years and now with us for 3 years.  She has also helped at the Grand Prix for 3 years.  Gail spearheads our Sunday Brunch among many other delightful restaurant details and boasts about her Toy Pomeranian ‘Nemu’ and 15 lb cat ‘Buddy’.

William attests he is a toy collector and food experimenter. He started in the hospitality industry at the age of 8 where he pushed a broom in his Grandmother’s restaurant located in Dogpatch (outskirts of Sudbury, rebranded as Little Creighton).  For 14 years, he has ventured from greasy spoons to fine dining.  Will has traveled with Regal Catering (Summer Camp Caterings) also worked as a General Manager with Pizza Hut.  He has solidified his role at Overtime as a Detroit Burger with Sweet Potato Fries kind-of guy and adds its “always gotta be about the sweets.”

Aaron an avid hunter and fisherman, has acknowledged our guests’ requests to add more fish options to the new menu, so his side is his passion and an added guest interaction. Aaron has been cooking since he was 16, his culinary journey was in a grocery store, Buzzy Brown’s then Ottawa where he was employed at Pub Italia and restaurant Two Six Ate (notably, where they were featured on the television show ‘You Gotta Eat Here’) He has been a part of our culinary team since inception and his favourite dish is our homemade Meatballs.




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