Tea Time at Asian Restaurant

20170329_153904_resizedtea pot bb

Not just any tea time, a Japanese Green Tea time, from the most fascinating tea pot ever.  Yes, even the Beauty & the Beast tea pot pales in comparison.  This reference is just fitting due to the timeliness of the movie release.  As the left photo shows, Minh (owner, Asian Restaurant) demonstrates the art of the perfect tea pour from a Sudbury original tea pot.  So original, that Minh has them ordered from Winnipeg.  After I downed my full cup of loose leaf heated perfection, we proceeded to get down to more in-depth blog business.

I stated the evident restaurant interludes of feedback- Deep fried bananas that are decadent.  All-You-Can-Eat Sushi that is divine.  Associate menu knowledge that is delightful.

Then I pressed for more, Minh smiled at the fact that when they opened the Barrydowne business in 2011 it was previously a seafood restaurant and to this day, guests will still venture in to order fish & chips.  Minh runs a Fish & Chip promotion leading up to Good Friday based on this request (launching soon).  His homemade Fish & Chip dish (2 piece or 3 piece) is now a Good Friday tradition and also includes homemade tartar sauce, coleslaw and French Fries.  A testament to the previous restaurants at the same location, Nick’s Pier & Stelio’s.

Since 1980, Minh has honed his culinary skills in a variety of locations across Canada but the busiest place he has ever owned was in Saskatchewan.  The town had a population of approximately 650 people and Minh appeased this quaint country town with steaks, homemade pizza and Chinese food.  Small yet mighty.  These rural dwellers flocked for his food.  To this day, he sets out to experience all local fare and get the pulse of the culinary community.  A steak grilled to perfection is one of his favourites outside his four walls, especially a peppercorn steak.  Within his four walls, his tried-and-true dishes are the Vietnamese Pho Dac Biet, Shrimp & Chicken Pad Thai and the Hachimitsu Chicken with Honey Hot Sauce.  Note, it was a delicate plea to curb his response to just three Asian Restaurant favourites.

In closing, I pondered the 80/20 rule that correlates with many independent restaurants.  80% of your business comes from 20% of your guests.  This is not an illusion but synonymous with the loyalty of Asian Restaurant guests.  Thank you for your valued patronage!


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